Earth: Nutrition in the 21st Century

Earth: Nutrition in the 21st Century

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This video course covers the Earth course as well as the live Earth class with Dr. Zia. You can learn more about the full class here.

The online course you can use at your own pace. For live classes, you are given one week to review the material provided at your leisure – then, at the discussion group, the floor will be opened to a question and answer format to address any topics that may have sparked your interest for half an hour. Please be aware that Dr. Zia will NOT review the material, but rather, expand on it based on your questions and how the material may pertain to YOUR lifestyle. The last half hour will be dedicated to a hands on demonstration.

Want to bring a friend to the live sessions? If your friend has not bought the course, they can come to a live session for $20. Can’t make it to the live sessions? These sessions will also be live-streamed on zoom and recorded. You will then be given access to a link for the recorded session as well.

Eating in the 21st century means we need to wade through:

  • Labels
  • Health claims
  • Diets
  • …the Internet…

The question then becomes, how do we make the best choices when it comes to our day-to-day nutrition?

Join me in this journey through this rabbit hole – for a discussion about how to navigate the pitfalls we run into when we decide to make lifestyle and diet changes!

Key concepts covered include:

  • Nutrition – What is it Really?
  • Water – Quality and Quantity
  • Food Quality Redefined
  • Deciphering Nutrition Labels
  • Food Preparation and Retention of Nutrients
  • Fad Diets vs. Lifestyle